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# What is it? Server-to-Server conversion tracking (aka S2S, Postback URL and Cookie-less) is an alternative method of reporting conversion data back to MediaAlpha when placing a tag (aka client-side or pixel) on your web page is not desirable or possible. It is generally a more reliable method of reporting conversions since the client-side method relies on browser cookies which may not always be available. However, it may require a developer to make updates to the advertiser's web application and/or reporting platform. # How to set it up **Update MediaAlpha Account Settings** * Define up to 5 conversion events via the "Conversions" tab under the advertiser account settings. * Pass the {token} macro as a variable in all tracking URLs in MediaAlpha. For example, it can be **&ma_token=**{token} * This macro enables MediaAlpha to match conversions with the click origin and associated campaign data. * Whitelist the advertiser's IP address. **Update Advertiser Web Site** * When a user hits the advertiser's landing page the unique token will be available in the URL. * The token should be stored so that it can be recalled upon successful conversion event. * When a conversion happens, the advertiser's web application should make a server-to-server call passing that token back to MediaAlpha along with the corresponding pixel ID and optional conversion value. Here is the MediaAlpha conversion API endpoint: id)&token=(token captured) **Example usage** For pixel 1 fire - For pixel 2 fire with revenue value of 50 -